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You Are Here

The Great Depression, the Carter Stagflation, and the Bush-Obama Downturn all follow a pattern that is striking: The Dow/Gold peaks are separated by almost exactly 35 years. There are also suggestive patterns in politics, military affairs, and technology, all of which are tied into the repeating pattern.

Perhaps we can use this to see where we are and where we will go financially, politically, and technologically.

The World Wide Government Bubble

This bubble of government makes all other economic bubbles that have come before seem puny by comparison. Furthermore, this bubble is uniquely world wide. As liquidity is running out and credit is drying up, many nations are in a chain reaction realizing the hot air on which their financial and political systems stand. In any case the dreams of Obama, the RINOs, and the Democrats will become painfully deflated as the era of big government comes to a close.

Breaking China's Piggy Bank

Back in the late 1920's the Federal Reserve reduced the money supply (for their own reasons that probably sounded good at the time) and the result was a loss of liquidity and the Great Depression. But this time it is not the Federal Reserve that is lowering liquidity, it is the Chinese. By withholding the dollars and not sending them back to America through new ious, they have reduced the liquidity available throughout the economy. In effect, China today is filling the role that the hapless Federal Reserve did in the Great Depression.

Welcome to Vichy America

This was not just another election. The last time we had a presidential election, the Left tried to get a brazen traitor elected - namely John Kerry. This new President from the Left is even more than that. Obama was no traitor, because he never was really on our side in the first place. Obama was really a foreign candidate - in spirit, funding, and citizenship.

Looting America for Power and Profit

You have probably noticed that the economic bubble popped just in time for the election. This was probably not by chance. It took decades of creeping socialism in the US by a range of traitors and venal politicians to create the bubble, but it took some particularly devious machinations to pop it with such perfect timing.

The Russian Oil Olympics

Russia has seized the opportunity to monopolize the oil and gas market of Europe. By seizing control of the Georgian pipeline, Russia Inc. eliminates it's competition. Then once Iran and Israel go to war as expected, and the Persian Gulf is blocked, Russia can functionally control Europe.

The Economic Storm and the Silver Lining

There is a massive transfer of wealth from baby boomers holding stock and interest bearing accounts, from banks and brokers, and from foreign nations holding dollars that have been our main suppliers of oil and other imports.

The result has been and will continue to be awful for consumers as food and energy prices have risen, but in due time will be terrific for producers such as manufacturers and exporters. It will take a while for things to sort themselves out but in the end there are some good things that will happen.

The Clinton Cow in the China Shop

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has been playing a dangerous game with China.  After over a decade of illegal contributions to the Democratic party and special favors by the Clintons, Hillary has turned on her old Chinese friends and sold them out in a desperate bid to win in 2008.  The American dollar and economy have suffered collateral damage in this Clinton double cross with China.

Part 1

Part 2

Fidel's Final Farce

Back in late September 2006 in The Partial Assassination of Castro, I presented evidence that Castro had probably been poisoned with a tasteless odorless poison called superwarfarin, had hemorrhaged profusely for a prolonged period, and had been brain damaged in the process. He has been living in a medical version of prison, unable to talk to the outside world lest he embarrass himself, Cuba and the cause of Communism. Since then further evidence has supported that conclusion.

Even if Fidel Castro was brain damaged, that did not stop his brother and associates from creating a facade that Fidel was still in charge. In late March of 2006 Raul Castro and his cadre made the decision to engage in a disinformation campaign to make it look like Fidel was still running things. The Castro charade is like something out of weekend at Bernie's - except that Fidel didn't die.


The Truth Shall Make You Free

Much of the trouble we have in peace time and in war, in politics and in business ventures, is due to talented and ruthless liars. It looks like we may finally have a technological way to effectively deal with them.

Dastardly Democrat Dirt

Until there is a clear Republican front runner, it makes sense for the Democrats to sit on the dirt. They want a vulnerable opponent. The Republicans have the opposite problem. If they bring up dirt they are accused of fighting a dirty campaign and harming someone who could be a front runner later. Reagan's admonition about speaking ill of a Republican still has some effect. Thus the abundant dirt in some Republican candidates' past and present is a ticking time bomb waiting for a clear front runner.

However, that has not stopped Hillary from using her most dastardly and well tested method against Obama.

The Expose Series:

Part 1

The Many Ways to Bribe Politicians

It is very easy to secretly bribe public officials, and all this hoopla about effective campaign finance reform is just nonsensical window dressing. The disastrous McCain-Feingold legislation doesn't even scratch the surface of the undetectable bribery and influence peddling possibilities available. This article lays out numerous ways to accept bribes which are undetectable - including many the Clintons are already using.

Part 2

The Dominican Connection

The Dominican Republic is not just a transit point - it is a major control center for drug distribution. Yet it has been given a pass when it comes to money laundering and drug smuggling by both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. It was NOT forced to change by a FinCEN Advisory as other nations were.

By shutting most laundering nations illicit operations down, and leaving the Dominican Republic still operating, the FinCEN was able to give a big advantage to the Dominican Republic for the drug money business. You might call it Most Favored Money-Laundering Nation Status.

Part 3

The Leftist Criminal Elite's Tropical Paradise

The Dominican Republic provides a major path and organization for distribution of Colombian cocaine coming into the US. Yet the Dominican Republic was given a pass while other countries have been cleaned up. What connections does the DR have?

Quite a bit it seems: Bill and Hillary Clinton have so many connections to the Dominican Republic that it is hard to know where to start. From terrorist recipients of pardons, to real estate, to meetings with fellow Leftists - the Dominican Republic has been their home away from home.

Part 4

The Curious Assistance of the Bush White House

It made sense for the Bush Administration to support Mejia’Äôs Dominican Republic, but after 2004, there was little reason to support the Dominican Republic under the Fernandez presidency. Nevertheless, President Bush continued to go even further than Bill Clinton to publicly support Fernandez. Even though Fernandez eagerly sought a White House invitation, Clinton never invited Fernandez to the White House. President Bush did.



Update on the Red Capitalist Menace

Russian President Putin has been doing his best to bring back the bad old days - but with a capitalist twist. Instead of combining the best of both Capitalist and Statist worlds, he is apparently trying to combine the worst of both. He is trying to mold Russia into a nation of paranoid, propaganda-fed xenophobes, but xenophobes in an paranoid fanatical and single-minded pursuit of financial profits.

The Iranian Facade

The Russians and the Chinese are trying desperately to save their nutty customer Iran from itself, as the Iranians steadfastly attempt to pursue a suicidal path. Russia and China have billions to lose in a war between the West and Iran. The presence of the West’s allies military build up and the irrationality of the Iranians may force the Russians’ hand to sabotage and "solve" the crisis before their assets are destroyed, just like they were destroyed in Iraq.

New Article:

Russia’s Cynical Business Model: Anti-Capitalism for Profit

Russia has embraced what they conceive to be the ultimate immoral “capitalist” strategy to do whatever it takes to make a profit. The old ruthlessness of the KGB has been reborn in the modern Russia as a business enterprise. The financial collapse of 1989 caused the Russians to capitalize on what they were best at: Weapons, Propaganda, Assassinations, and Anti-American Conspiracies.

Panics and Perspective

A clumsy Chinese attempt to rein in risky stock speculation caused the current debacle. We can think of China as the Wild Wild East, much like banking was in our own historical Wild Wild West.

Turkmenbashi's Nukes and the Return of the Mahdi

Iran's quest for nuclear weapons may have been helped by the recent and suspicious demise of the president of Turkmenistan. Prophecy that the Mahdi will return has combined with Russian profit motives and political deadlines to create a situation far more dangerous than analysts realize.

Citizens of the World

Democrats have a long history of making deals that sell out America for their political agenda. However they are not alone. Republicans on the Iraq Study Group are tainted by financial ties to globalist companies who have their own agenda in the Middle East. These new Citizens of the World have more allegiance to their financial contacts than their country.

A New Kind of Cold War

When the Cold War ended we only had a short time before it was reincarnated in a newer and more insidious form. The Soviet Union was gone, but in its place evolved a monstrous form of Capitalism empowered by the most virulent and violent mafia. The Islamofascists are merely pawns of this new kind of Cold War.

Rove and the White House Coup

The Culture of Corruption was the most ambitious, ruthless, and successful intelligence operation against America since the Vietnam War.

If you have read the Dagny intelligence reports, you may recognize that what just happened was not so much an election as a coup. However instead of the military carrying it out with brute force, it was a well designed intelligence and organized crime operation. It is the height of irony: The “Culture of Corruption” operation was carried out by the most corrupt organization that America has ever seen.

The Partial Assassination of Castro

What really happened to Fidel: the gruesome facts and strategic implications.

The War of the Weasels: The Anti-American Intelligence Insurgency

How a bunch of disgruntled Lefties in the CIA first launched Operation Culture of Corruption.

Weasel Tracks

The Leftist Rogue Intelligence Agency: How it was briefly exposed, and how it continues to operate outside the law.

The Abramoff Mystery

The real story of what happened to Abramoff: who engineered it and managed the ruthless scheme behind the scenes from start to finish.

Jack Abramoff, the Russians, and the Three Gates of the Torah

How Abramoff outsmarted the Russians and protected the Israelis from Russian organized crime.

Abramoff Goes Up the River with a Democrat Paddle

How the Democrats completely controlled Abramoff to their own political ends and then sold him out.

The Ominous Caves of Mordad

Probably the most suspicious nuclear site in the world: Where the Iranians may be hiding their nuclear weapons, named after the Mohammedan Angel of Death.

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You Are Here

The World Wide Government Bubble

Breaking China's Piggy Bank

Welcome to Vichy America

Looting America for Power and Profit

The Economic Storm and the Silver Lining


The Clinton Cow in the China Shop

Fidel's Final Farce

Back in late September 2006 in The Partial Assassination of Castro, I presented evidence that Castro had probably been poisoned with a tasteless odorless poison called superwarfarin, had hemorrhaged profusely for a prolonged period, and had been brain damaged in the process. He has been living in a medical version of prison, unable to talk to the outside world lest he embarrass himself, Cuba and the cause of Communism.

Since then further evidence has supported that conclusion.

Even if Fidel Castro was brain damaged, that did not stop his brother and associates from creating a facade that Fidel was still in charge. In late March of 2006 Raul Castro and his cadre made the decision to engage in a disinformation campaign to make it look like Fidel was still running things. The Castro charade is like something out of weekend at Bernie's - except that Fidel didn't die.

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The Truth Shall Make You Free

It seems we have been fighting an ever rising tide of ruthless world class criminals and deceivers in positions of wealth and power. Joel Wade has said my articles "give him the willies". I agree. No matter who is elected President, he will have to deal with rogue intelligence agencies, dishonest appointees, corrupt politicians, and outright traitors.

Well, here is some good news for once. A new technology is being brought into use that has the potential to revolutionize crime fighting, political battles, intelligence gathering, the war on Islamofascism ... nearly everything that matters to us.

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A New Expose Series exposing the connections between the politicians, their strange Anti-American actions and vast amounts of illicit money from criminal sources:

The Many Ways to Bribe Politicians - part 1 available here now

The Dominican Connection - part 2 available here now

The Leftist Criminal Elite's Tropical Paradise - part 3 here now

The Curious Assistance of the Bush White House - part 4 here now


Other Interesting Observations:

Petraeus' Achilles Heel, and Fallon's Fallacy

Gates' choices for new leadership in Iraq have some interesting flaws:

Admiral Fallon is a big proponent of cooperation and friendship with the Chinese military. In this he is shares the same opinion as the Clintons' Adm. Prueher, who was one of the weasels selected to oversee MZM.

Petraeus is a darling of the media. Perhaps this is because he has a PhD in Economics from Princeton. The problem is that there is a conflict of interest between economic objectives and military ones. Will Petraeus be an economist or a military man?

Apparently Petraeus was involved in reopening the Syrian border because he was concerned that lack of goods would cause inflation in Iraq. It appears he put economics before security.

I am not sure how tight the border will be under him. He will want to win the hearts and minds, and will want to open the border. Will he have the will to keep out Iranians, Syrians and IEDs? Will he, like many politicians, put prosperity before security? He apparently didn't before.

Given that they serve under Gates, who is himself a weasel on a short leash, I have doubts as to how well they will do for security in Iraq.

NY Suspicious Stinks

If I were a Jihadi bent on mass poisoning of New Yorkers, I would release methyl mercaptan in New York to a) see what the dispersion pattern is, b) see how the authorities react to it, and c) to get people used to false alarms. It might have been just swamp gas from New Jersey, but that is a stretch.

The Mexican semi-truck carrying 10 tons of sodium cyanide was eventually found but a minimum of 6 drums of the stuff were never recovered. Add water to sodium cyanide pellets and you have a lethal gas released quickly.

On the same day there was an unexplained mass die off of diverse birds over ten city blocks directly in front of the Texas Capitol in Austin. The timing was 1 day before the Texas legislature convenes.

Perhaps somebody just wanted to reduce the birds before the legislature meets. Or perhaps it was a threat against Bush's home state. Toxicology is being done, but if it were cyanide, people would not want to release that result for fear of panic and recession.

Zawahiri's Audio

Isn't it interesting that Zawahiri normally uses video and then switches to audio to call for support in Somalia as Ethiopic invades? Perhaps he did not have access to his normal production facilities. Maybe he was in Somalia.

Iranian War

The rules of engagement have changed.

Note that the Russian Embassy in Baghdad was sprayed with gunfire. The Russians are today asking for better protection. (That is as laughably ironic as the mafia asking the police for better protection.)

The Iranian consulate in Arbil was taken by Task Group 16. The Russians got a message. And then more recently, a high level aide to A-Sadr was seized during a Task Group 16 attack on a mosque. Mosques used to be off limits too.

Remember when the Iranians assaulted our embassy in Tehran back in the Carter era? They look pretty foolish now complaining about how their diplomatic status is ignored - especially with Ahmadinejad one of the old hostage takers.

Now Consulates, Russian embassies, and Mosques are fair game. It's about time.