The Culture of Corruption Operation

If you have read the Dagny intelligence reports, you may recognize that what just happened was not so much an election, as a coup. However instead of the military carrying it out with brute force, it was a well designed intelligence and organized crime operation. It is the height of irony: The “Culture of Corruption” operation was carried out by the most corrupt organization that America has ever seen.

Written by Dagny D'Anconia

Thursday 23 November 2006

The time has come to put all the pieces together and see the big picture. Consider the following facts:

All key defense lawyers for Republicans caught in the “Culture of Corruption” either had a long history of being close Clinton and Democrat antiwar insiders, or had worked for free in intelligence matters against America :

Duke Cunningham had a lawyer with a history of working for the other side in Chinese espionage cases. Cunningham was set up, entrapped, and totally destroyed by private branch of the espionage community known as MZM as described in War of the Weasels. MZM was then bailed out by people affiliated with the Clinton administration as described in Weasel Tracks. Just a coincidence? Or did they do this intentionally for the Clinton political machine?

Jack Abramoff had a lawyer who was a big time Clinton Democrat insider - with a long history of both working for people associated with organized crime and of legally helping out the Clintons in cases of major corruption. Abramoff must have been coerced into his choice of a lawyer. This was fully exposed in The Abramoff Mystery.

Jack Abramoff had a second lawyer for his Florida mafia case that was also an long time antiwar Democrat insider. Just another coincidence? Or was this yet a second case of his being forced to have a lawyer he would have reasonably despised. This was exposed in Abramoff Goes up the River with a Democrat Paddle.

Abramoff deceived the mafia bad guys when he could get away with it, as shown in Abramoff, the Russians, and the Three Gates of the Torah, suggesting that his intentions were good, in spite of the results.

Abramoff finally went to prison, and reportedly started singing like a bird about Karl Rove and Democrat Senators one week after the election. Just a coincidence? Or did he finally find himself safe in prison where he could speak freely?

Bob Ney, a Republican tied to Abramoff, chose to plead guilty the Friday before the Tuesday election. What kind of Republican would do that voluntarily? He knew that would make the headlines just before the election. The Republican leadership had been urging him to resign for 7 weeks, and he would not do it. He waited until it would do the most electoral damage to the Republicans.

Like Abramoff, Bob Ney also has an attorney who is a highly placed Democrat: Mark Tuohey, a major Democrat donor, who was implicated in the Vince Foster cover up, and was criticized by some for his close ties to the White House when he resigned from managing the DC Whitewater investigation.

Thus we have four cases where an individual did great harm to the Republicans, against all their personal political beliefs, timing it to maximize electoral damage, and each also had a highly placed lawyer with a long history of working for the Clintons etc..

But that is only the beginning of the evidence which reveals the extent of Operation Culture of Corruption.

In the aftermath of the election, Bush appeared ready to throw the Conservatives overboard. When Bush immediately presented Rumsfeld's long sought after head to the Democrats, he gave them total dominance. Instead of sensibly canning Karl Rove, he scapegoated Rumsfeld. Personally, I would rather spare Rumsfeld and instead have Rove's head on a platter.

Several months ago I uncovered some damaging intel on Rove and suspected him of setting up a disaster for the election, but it was hard to get anyone to listen to my warnings about the hallowed "architect". Remember how Abramoff, Ney, and Cunningham each inexplicably had a lawyer with a long history working for the other side? The Plame-gate lawyer Rove had was even worse: 

Robert Luskin (seen above with Rove) is an antiwar activist, former speech writer for Democrat VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro, Clinton scandal lawyer (Whitewater, Vince Foster, etc.), and badly tainted organized crime lawyer. Karl Rove put himself at the mercy of a person who was a legal intimate of the Clintons' worst scandals and organized crime. Suspicious?

Then look at Rove's record on advising Bush on Harriet Miers, calling the Minutemen "vigilantes", Dubai ports, border security, the sacking of Porter Goss at the CIA, etc. Remember his disparaging the base, and his enthusiastic visit to endorse La Raza? 

It is little known, but Rove has close ties and given support and White House access for years to a lobbyist for Islamic interests in Washington. This lobbyist has lobbied for a convicted terrorist who is now serving time in a US prison. He also lobbies for a country which has adopted measures which are ideal for money laundering, and is located conveniently close to the Middle East.

Bush was getting bad advice from somewhere. Then couple that with Rove's public statements that we would win big a week before the election (so why go to the polls?). Is there anything more he could have done to make the base stay home? 

Then note the dismal results of the election. It is suspicious to say the least. The unholy alliance between the weasel intel community and the MSM - with leaks, opposition research, and possible entrapment, framing and blackmailing, won the election battle by raising scandal after scandal. The candidates and the public's opinions were just manipulated pawns.

And now Karl Rove appears to have thrown the election and has the same kind of very high level Clinton confidant Democrat insider lawyer. Coincidence? Even when Rove was the closest political advisor to President Bush, and was in a position to control the direction of the White House?

That is five times that a Democrat insider antiwar lawyer was placed in an absurd position of trust where he could do damage to the Republicans and our national security. More than five times a Republican has acted with perfect timing that was obviously chosen to help the Democrats. Five times it was a disaster for the Republicans and everything they stood for.

The same story has been happening over and over. Frankly, this operational method worked so well with Duke Cunningham, the Democrat operation apparently played it over and over. Once could possibly be a fluke, but the fact that this same strategy was played out five times takes it far beyond coincidence.

Only a lawyer of a person can speak and have those conversations forever sealed. Only a lawyer can act as a mouthpiece between the marked individual and people in organized crime etc. and control the outcome of a case. Only a lawyer can throw a case or make a plea bargain to conveniently implicate others. Only a lawyer can tell a client to plead guilty even when it is not true. Only a lawyer can handle his client like a sock puppet and time legal events.

Look at the success of the Culture of Corruption operation: Because of the Democrat victory Al Qaeda and the Jihadis declared victory, and Rumsfeld was thrown to the wolves. As the leader of the Druze in Lebanon said: Syria is “emboldened by the fact that the Americans are searching for an exit strategy from Iraq. This is encouraging all kinds of people to kill and create chaos in the region.” The entire Middle East is sliding into chaos.

The election loss was blamed on the Conservatives. RINO “Republicans” now compete over who would declare their presidential run first. An extreme and corrupt San Francisco Liberal is now only two heartbeats away from the presidency.

Dana Rohrabacher’s hearings into the role of Arabs in the Oklahoma City bombing are canceled. The border fence is essentially put on hold. The Bush tax cuts are put in jeopardy. Key Democrats have announced their intent to hold a plethora of hearings against Republicans. Key Democrats plan to defund the military operations in Iraq. Hillary is now in a prime position to retake the White House in 2008 with a Democrat Congress. The list goes on...

If you have read the Dagny intelligence reports, you may recognize that what just happened was not so much an election, as a coup. However instead of the military carrying it out with brute force, it was a well designed intelligence and organized crime operation. It is the height of irony: The “Culture of Corruption” operation was carried out by the most corrupt organization that America has ever seen.

If you have any further doubt of this, just look at the brazenly corrupt selections for the House Committees. The House is looking more like a criminal enterprise than a legislative body. One example of the brazen corruption is Pelosi’s backing of Murtha for the #2 spot in the House. You may remember Murtha’s dealings with MZM/ADCS from War of the Weasels and Weasel Tracks.

Murtha and Pelosi have also had suspicious dealings in San Francisco real estate. In short, Murtha leaned on the Navy to give up shipyards in San Francisco, and Laurence Pelosi was Senior Vice President of the developers for the land (Lennar). They likely have plenty of dirt on each other, so it is no wonder she chose him for the second spot.

They wanted someone to sabotage the Iraq war, and he was the crook for the job. Since Murtha gladly gave his business partners what they wanted, he was not persecuted or prosecuted for his corruption like Duke Cunningham was. Murtha and Pelosi’s corruption was overlooked, while Cunningham, Ney and Abramoff were all showcased.

If you understand all the above, then you will not be surprised that Pelosi is now doing her damnedest to put a known criminal in charge of the House Committee on Intelligence. Alcee Hastings was caught and impeached as a judge for soliciting a bribe from people with a case before him. His partner in crime was convicted and then pardoned by Clinton. After making a speech about how she would fight corruption, Pelosi immediately chose a criminal to be in charge of intelligence.

Now that the nexus between a Rogue Intelligence Agency, the Democrats, and organized crime is exposed, it makes perfect sense. Politically it makes no sense for her to back Murtha and Hastings. However, if you understand this to be an organized crime take over of the government, with intelligence the primary power for the take over, it makes perfect sense.

One thing I learned in all this research of the last year is that there really is no longer any distinction between mafia, Clintons, rogue intelligence operations (such as the weasels or the Russians), or terrorist organizations. They all operate outside the law. They all seek power and money. They all will kill if it is part of the plan. They all will use illegal means such as drugs, weapons etc. to fund their personal or organizational aspirations.

What used to be the toolbox of the mafia (money laundering, protection rackets, blackmail, threats, illegal deals, drugs, weapons) now is in the toolbox of the intelligence guys (like MZM) and the Democrats (like the Clintons, Vince Foster etc.), and the Islamofascists. They all make money and do nefarious things outside the law because that is where they all operate. Some may have conveniently legitimate public faces, but behind that is a darker reality.

Remember Clinton's war in Kosovo? It protected the heroin and prostitution operations of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), which had known Al Qaeda members and relatives of Bin Laden involved. The KLA made donations to the John Kerry campaign for President. They have cooperative relationships as needed.

Remember Abscam? Murtha was for sale to Arabs.

As far as the specific details and payoffs between the Clintons and the weasels, I can only surmise. A huge amount of Hillary's $30 million senate campaign money went to "consultants" who could be anyone. Same for the Clinton library disbursements. Same on kickbacks from Dyncorp contracts with the government. Same for any number of contracts related to the Iraq war for MZM (aka Athena Innovative Solutions). I can't possibly get at the details.

There was a time when the Bush administration was fighting the Rogue Weasels in the intelligence bureaucracy.

Image: Goss and Bush together at the CIA, back when they put up a fight for control of America's intelligence apparatus. President Bush originally placed Porter Goss in command of the CIA, and charged him with the task of rooting out the Rogue Weasels responsible for the leaks there (See The CIA in Deep QAQAA).

However, after some anti-Goss innuendo once again created by MZM et al, and advising (possibly by Karl Rove and his people) Porter Goss was fired. Naturally Goss was replaced by a known Weasel. Since then the CIA has been uniformly unhelpful with more leaks and anti-Bush policy positions.

With the CIA lost, the only intelligence operations intact were the military intelligence units under Donald Rumsfeld. Thus it is no surprise that Rumsfeld is being replaced by someone who is already on record as being against the expanded role of military intelligence. It is not enough for them to take the CIA: They also have to destroy any competing honest military intelligence service for America.

Images: Goss gets canned, Hayden is installed in his place, and then Rumsfeld is canned and replaced by Gates, who is opposed to a major role for military intelligence. Thus every legitimate intelligence organization will soon be neutralized. The expressions on their faces say more than their words do.

Disappointment and disgust by Goss

Apparent fear by Bush

Utter contempt by Rumsfeld

There isn't anything the Clintons and the Democrats would not do to win: That is the ruthless Clinton way. As long as the Clintons can go on using intel operative games so ruthlessly and covertly we can expect more of the same electoral, political and ultimately military failures. 

Intelligence operations are the real but largely unrecognized battlefield for this century and we are barely putting up a fight. Both elections and wars are now won and lost in intelligence operations.

The Democrats, the Leftists, and their allies overseas appear to have politically sabotaged the war in Iraq, just as they arranged for political sabotage for America to lose in Vietnam. It was pure ruthless organized crime and espionage, and America never saw the sucker punch coming.  America still does not see it - instead blaming the targets/victims of the operation.

What does this imply for the future? Intelligence operations against us have been proven to be devastatingly effective. This has emboldened anti-American operatives worldwide. Witness the terrorist onslaught in Iraq, the brazen assassination of a former KGB spy by the Russian Mafia/FSB and the assassination of Gemayel in Lebanon. The opposition no longer cares if its hits are obvious. They are sending a message.

If President Bush was assassinated all that would stand in the way of the presidency would be Cheney, and he is one old guy with a bad heart. Recall that there was already one probable attempt on President Bush’s life (See Chavez in Chile ) In this context, even the mechanical failure of Air Force One on the President’s Asia trip last week may arouse suspicion. The entire Air Force One fleet is maintained by Dyncorp, which in turn is tied closely to MZM ( See Weasel Tracks). Was the recent attack on a Bush daughter a warning: that Bush better behave because defense of his daughters is so flimsy?

Would they do something that bold? Who would be left in a position of power to investigate them? Perhaps the only thing holding them back is the fear that Cheney might be a more courageous Conservative than Bush, and the fear that a Pelosi Presidency would preempt a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

When you put all the pieces together, it presents a compelling picture. Unfortunately you are one of only a few people that have any awareness of this. The public does not know about the repeated insane selection of lawyers, the organized crime details of the Abramoff situation, or the Clinton associated private intelligence companies. They have not noticed the disastrous timing of guilty pleas, resignations and the perp walks.

To the public, it just looks like the Republicans are evil, and Bush is inept. And if somehow President Bush dies in office, they will probably chalk it up to Republican moral turpitude and incompetence as well.

Welcome to modern political warfare. We can quite reasonably expect more of the same operation leading up to and beyond the 2008 election. The only reason for them to stop is if, somehow, their operation is finally exposed, and credit finally falls where it belongs.