Citizens of the World

Democrats have a long history of making deals that sell out America for their political agenda. However they are not alone. Republicans on the Iraq Study Group are tainted by financial ties to globalist companies who have their own agenda in the Middle East. These new Citizens of the World have more allegiance to their financial contacts than their country.


Written by Dagny D'Anconia

Friday 29 December 2006

The United States could never be defeated by military strength. It could only be defeated by treachery. Thus our opponents wage war, not on the open battlefields of the past, but on the messy intricate intelligence and financial battlefields of the future.

As in modern global business, relationships are often far reaching and complicated. The relationships that formed between the Clinton machine and Russia back in the days of Chernomyrdin were only one of many times the Democrats have allied themselves with Russia: Teddy Kennedy courted the KGB to try to get Reagan to lose his election. Jimmy Carter asked Russia to increase Jewish emigration in an attempt to win against Reagan. Castro has entertained a never ending list of Democrat celebrities. Chavez receives Cindy Sheehan etc. etc... Just last week a gaggle of Congress critters visited Cuba, John Kerry visited Syria to make friends with the local tyrants, and Bill Clinton urged Bush to talk out a deal with Syria and Iran.

Republicans sometimes also have relationships with the enemy. For example, the Republicans in the Iraq Study Group were very unhelpful. As the Economist put it:

“It is not quite a coup d’etat. But seldom before has the American Congress - or, more correctly, a bipartisan committee of wise men and women reporting to Congress - put a wartime president in such an awkward predicament.”

Who were these Republicans in the Iraq Study Group working for? James Baker co-headed up the group and most of the Republicans are old close associates of his. Perhaps Baker’s most famous and anti-Semitic quote is “F**k the Jews. They don’t vote for us anyway.” On Larry King back in 2004, Baker called for the release of a Palestinian terror leader in an Israeli jail. Thus perhaps we should not be surprised at the anti-Semitic content of the Group’s report. He has been working for Arab interests for some time.

Baker’s law firm in Dallas (Baker Botts) defended the Saudi Arabian government against a lawsuit brought by the victims of 9-11. This law firm seems to be the go-to firm when wealthy Arabs need legal assistance.

Baker was also exposed in World Net Daily this last week: Baker was shown to skirt the sanctions against Saddam, and he tried to cover up the evidence. He also had conflicts of interest representing the United States and Iraqi creditors at the same time.

Baker is also Senior Counsel for the Carlyle Group - a private and very secretive equity firm that aspires to be the world’s largest global private equity firm. It is a Washington fixture where retired politicians go to cash in on their connections after their elected lives are over. Among other Carlyle associates are Bush senior, John Major, Colin Powell, Caspar Weinberger, and George Soros who invested 100 million in Carlyle. There are also wealthy Arab backers for Carlyle.

Carlyle is made up of both big time Democrats and Republicans who have found common ground as they seek to cash in on their reputations. In essence Carlyle leverages political gravitas to make globalism highly profitable. One report puts their profits at 30% per year for the last few decades. Also on the Board of Directors for Carlyle is Alan Simpson. Former Senator Simpson is another one of the 5 unhelpful Republicans in the Iraq Study Group. Group member Lawrence Eagleberger served under Baker as his Deputy Secretary of State. Group member Ed Meese worked closely with Baker when he was the President’s Counselor and Baker was Chief of Staff. Thus the Iraq Study Group was packed with Baker’s people.

The last Republican in the group is Sandra Day O’Connor. She is a member of the United States Institute of Peace. While the others were apparently selected for their close ties to Baker, she was probably chosen as a token woman, peace advocate, and reliable RINO. The Group was thus Democrats, Republicans with close ties to Baker, and a female RINO.

While there is a public relations distinction between the Democrats, compromised Republicans, and international organized crime, the private distinction is a lot more fuzzy. When we see the Culture of Corruption Operation executed with such efficiency, when we see the Iraq Surrender Group perform such an outstanding service to the enemy, when we see Bush’s own cabinet replaced by back stabbing weasels, we have to ask “Which side are they on?” The answer seems to be that they are all on their own side.

Whether it is James Baker working for Carlyle, or a Russian mafia agent working for Gazprom, we are confronted with a globalist who considers himself a Citizen of the World more than a citizen of a country. Ideology, power, and money have no borders, and neither do the Citizens of the World.

I know of a full time peace activist who was once an engineer working for East German arms dealers. He admitted to having supplied tanks and weapons to a Middle East country against the German law. They built them in East Germany, painted them yellow, and then transported them labeled “farm equipment”, and reassembled them for the Arab customer.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, this “peace activist” was a man without a country. He traveled the world seeking a new place to settle. Now in a liberal bastion in America he calls himself a “Citizen of the World”, and lives mysteriously far beyond his apparent means and far from his native Germany. He shows up at every available peace rally.

Our enemies of the past did not die. They just relabeled themselves as a Citizen of the World or Globalist and carry on wherever they want to. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, communication, wealth, transportation and technology have increased. Perhaps globalism is an inevitable consequence of these cumulative changes. The globalist cheaters in society can now move themselves and their money elsewhere, and are not held accountable for their treachery.

For the longest time we were compelled to call domestic arguments about the war in Iraq a mere difference of opinion in the field of politics - an honest disagreement between Americans. But given the weight of the evidence we are now compelled to admit that the opposition are not ultimately on America’s side. We are now in a new kind of war: A Cold War of Capitalism against a new kind of enemy: A Citizen of the World.

Furthermore, our opponents are not as shackled by Communism as they once were. China is now an economic powerhouse. Russia is the epitome of the ruthless survival-of-the-fittest mafia. Carlyle and other businesses seem eager to sell out their own country in order to amass power and money. The Democrats and their allies are actively engaged in sabotaging the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, we folks who love America and freedom are seen as quaint, antiquated, provincial, and powerless.

In this case Capitalistic survival of the fittest does not just mean the winner at an economic contest. With opponents like the Russians, it now truly is survival of the fittest, with many lives at stake and no civilized rules of conduct left intact. It is Capitalism morphed into a moral and economic nightmare.

For freedom and our fair-play American concept of capitalism to survive, no one can be above the law. When President Bush’s White House gave a pass to Sandy Berger, he put him above the law. When Bush fought to keep the Clinton papers private he put globalist elites above the law. When Porter Goss was fired and the leaking weasel at the CIA was let free, he emboldened the globalists. The list goes on and on...

The globalist beast has vastly strengthened during this administration. In the end the beast has consumed it - through the mafiaesque operations behind the Culture of Corruption, to the sabotage of the war in Iraq. Bush can’t even discuss the possibility of increasing troop levels without having his brand new Secretary of Defense Gates sabotage him in the media. Battle after battle in the Oval Office has been lost.

The idea that we can just send our troops over to the Middle East to fight the good fight, and kick back and enjoy ourselves safely may be a soothing notion. Unfortunately it is a deadly illusion. The truth is we cannot fight the war there and win, unless we fight the war here and win. It will gradually become more obvious that we too are Citizens of the World at war, whether we choose this battle or not.